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Primary Care

At Doctors Medi Center, We Believe Primary Care is at the Core of Getting - And Staying - Healthy.

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Primary Care

Looking for a primary care doctor? Doctors Medi Center is open 7 days a week with extended hours, allowing our physicians to be available when you need them most. Don’t wait weeks to see your primary care doctor–Stop the agonizing hours in the emergency room for non-emergency related issues! Instead, make a same-day appointment or walk right into Doctors Medi Center. Top notch medical services and the beginning of a unique relationship with one of our primary care physicians are waiting. No need to take off work to see a primary care physician at our facility. Whether you have a full time job, have children or just prefer coming at night or on the weekends, our extended hours of operation allow you the convenience to do just that.

What We Handle:

What Should I Expect From My Primary Care Physician At DMC?

As your Primary Care Physicians (PCPs), we offer guidance every step of the way. Our providers not only propose a treatment plan, but discuss preventative care as well. If our web of experts feel as though you need further specialized care, our office will also gladly refer you to a specialist within our trusted network of relationships.

Providing first contact diagnosis as well as continued care, we take your well-being seriously. With an emphasis on family and internal medicine, we address all your essential health needs and encourage regular visits to a trusted Primary Care Physician. This can result in:

  • Avoidable emergency room visits and hospitalization
  • An overall better health within the community
  • Ultimately lower spending per patient

What We Handle:

«I received such excellent care here. They even called me a few days later to find out how I was feeling and to make sure I finished all of my prescription. I will definitely come back to Doctors Medi Center if need be.»

DMC is Currently:
Monday - Friday
9.00 AM - 07.30 PM
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