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High Quality Service, Professionalism and Convenience in Occupational Medicine

Sending an Employee

When you send an employee over, always remember to:

  • Set up a new company
  • Authorize an employee in advance
  • Book an appointment for your employee
  • Ask us a question about any exam or service
  • Call us if this is a workers’ compensation emergency
  • Email us if you haven’t received your results
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Injury Care

If you or your employee get injured on the job, DMC provides efficient and effective treatment of  non-life threatening injuries

  • Walk-ins with little to no wait
  • Same-day workers’ compensation appointments
  • In house x-rays and laboratory services
  • Clear communication channels between the injured employee, the employer and our medical staff
  • Treatment plans that maximize the recovery of the employee and minimize the total lost time for the employer
  • Unique partnerships with trained specialists and Physical Therapists
  • Experience treating work related injuries for over 30 years
  • Types of injury care at DMC:
    • Injured employee assessment and treatment (workers’ compensation), Return/fitness for duty exams, Limitation/alternate return to work, Physical therapy and rehabilitation
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Primary Care

Our primary care physicians ensure lower overall costs compared to an urgent care or hospital ER

  • When you or your employee are sick, we understand the impact it can have for both sides
  • We offer same-day appointments
  • Extended hours, 7 days a week
  • Physicians fluent in English, Spanish and Punjabi
  • In-house x-rays, EKGs, and laboratory services
  • Prescription refills
  • Immunizations and other medical services:
    • Influenza (Flu Shots), Pneumonia, Hepatitis B, Lyme Testing, TB Testing, X-rays, EKGs, PFT (respirator), Audiograms, Bloodwork, Lead levels, Heavy Metals
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The Up-Side the Same-Day Primary Care

Studies show that when you improve access to primary care, employees stop using more expensive settings for primary care (such as urgent care or the ER). they incur fewer downstream costs, and they receive a higher quality of care.

Reduction in Health Care Costs

Fewer ER Visits

Fewer Specialty Care Visits

Pre-Placement Care

Reduce uncertainty and provide valuable medical information about your new employees

  • Ensure your employees are able to cope with the tasks at hand by requesting pre-employment physicals
  • Designed to test capability and physical fitness related to the work environment
  • Protect your employee from future work injuries
  • Protect your company against lawsuits for injuries that could have been prevented
  • Our physicians will conduct a basic checkup and history, perform any drug or alcohol test, and finally, a more comprehensive physical exam
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Drug & Alcohol Testing

Alcohol and drug testing is becoming more common than ever in jobs with high risk of injury, death or costly damage to property

  • Choose the type of test for your employees based on how detailed your company needs the test to be and how quickly you need the results
  • “Instant results” or results within 48 hours
  • DOT employee drug screens available to help your company’s employees comply with regulatory guidelines set by the Department of Transportation
  • Types of drug and alcohol testing we perform:
    • Pre-Employment Screening, Random Testing, Reasonable Cause, Post-Accident Screening, Federally Regulated (DOT), Instant, Custom Panels, Saliva, Hair, Urine & Blood
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Physical Examinations

The final step of a pre-employment physical is the in-depth physical exam

  • When it comes to pre-employment physicals, there is no “one size fits all” examination
  • Issues tested or examined are determined by the employers’ requirements
  • Based on the demands of the particular role the prospective employee will be engaging in
  • Designed to help prevent any health and safety issues related to an employee’s medical condition
  • Types of Physical Examinations We Perform:
    • Pre-employment, DOT (Commercial Drivers License), TLC (Taxi & Limo Drivers), OSHA, PFT (Respiratory Function), Hazmat, Benzeme
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What Our Clients Are Saying
Since 1985 we have provided Occupational Medical services for more than 500 employers of all sizes and specialties.

«For urgent care needs of myself and my employees, I always choose Doctors Medi Center in Carteret, NJ.  I find the staff to be caring, courteous and professional.  The wait time is usually very reasonable and the facility is impeccably clean.  Thank you Jon, Nicole and staff for being there fr me and my staff!»

Paul – The Salad Factory

«I have used Doctors Medi Center since April 2013. From my very first dealings they have provided excellent customer service, excellent patient care and all done with a pleasant attitude. They have worked hand in hand with me to provide the best care for my employees, while also being sensitive to the needs of the company to provide excellent case management. I have recommended other companies to them and they treat everyone the same way. It is a pleasure to work with Doctors Medi Center, Jon and his very professional staff. Keep up the good work!»

Michael – Brock Industrial Services

«Fast, courteous service!  The nurses are friendly and the doctors are great.  Rates are reasonable when it comes to occupational services.  From workers’ compensation, to drug screen to general illness, they cover it all.  Great for our business as a one stop shop.  Why would I go anywhere else?»

Mike – Paragon Staffing

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